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Where were you?

Last night I had a wonderful experience at temple. First off, when I remember that it is going to be erev shabbat–my mood always lifts. I really enjoy going to services, I enjoy lighting shabbat candles. While I may not observe the entire shabbat, I do take time on Friday nights for reflection and community.

I walk into the shul last night and I hear, “Where were you last week?” I went to Saturday morning services, I missed once. “Where were you? We thought you’d changed temples?” “Where were you? You didn’t switch to Saturdays?” “Where were you?”

People noticed that I was missing and that felt really great. I’ve only missed Friday night services two nights since I started going to temple on December 24. So I told everyone, “Just so you know, I won’t be here next week.”

Somehow along the way I started to belong at my shul and people started to expect to see me. It felt pretty amazing to have people notice a one week absence.

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