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Whew. Temp to Perm, it happened.

I went in this morning, after being bolstered for the negotiation by Ronnie and Ashqi, ready to do battle. Turns out I didn’t have to do battle. I made myself heard, even if I couldn’t get additional items in the offer letter. I did get a tiny increase in the offer, making it a nice round number.

It is, in fact, more money than I’ve ever made. But it is a time when I need to be making it. Then at lunch I ran into my original recruiter from the placement agency and she told me that I’d been offered a very good salary, given the economy. Whew. What if her face had dropped and she’d said, “Leah, why didn’t you call me first?” Then what would I have done?

Cried, probably. But instead I signed my name on ten different forms and walked the blue folder down to Human Resources. People are happy I’ve accepted the offer and my full time position starts on Friday. AND BENEFITS START ON MONDAY!!!!!!

Um, yeah, I’m excited.

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