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Which one is the famous guy?

Last night my roommate asked me if I wanted to catch the show at IO. I have been to the Monday night show before and former IES coworker is on the team that performs. Anyway, the buzz around the totally packed room was that some famous people were going to be performing. All the improv folks that were in the know where there. I was there on accident.

Anyway, during intermission I turned to my roommate and said, “So, which one is the famous one?” Turns out that it was Fred Armisan from Saturday Night Live. He is one of the many Chicago players on the NBC show. He seemed familiar, but more in that nuerotic, jewish, new york comic vibe–a la Woody Allen or Dan Kaufman, than in a “Oh, I’ve seen him on T.V.” sort of way. I’m sure I’ve seen him, in an episode I didn’t sleep to, back when I had a T.V.

I checked with John and he confirmed that Armisan was the famous person that was there.

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