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Who have you been with my son?

There is a scene in Chorus Line (at least the watered down High School version we performed at South) where one of the guys talks about thinking he has Gonorhea. He goes to confession and the priest says,

Who have you been with my son?

Nobody. Nobody!

Then how can you have gonorhea.

It is sung like a prayer would be in church, in a deep voice and I still remember that scene 10 years later. I remember it today, because I’ve been playing phone tag with my doctor’s office trying to get the results of my exam and std tests. I’m happy to report that I don’t have cancer, gonorhea, syphillis, or HIV. Whew. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t at risk, there is a fear that crops up after a lab tech takes your blood to see if the HIV antibody is present. What if? What if? What if?

I guess my slightly boring dating life has paid off in one respect–Disease free since, well, ever. But it would sound better if the year ended in a three… Disease Free since Seventy Three. But then, I’m not that old.

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