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Whoa! I know him!

Last night I went to see the Weather Man with Nicolas Cage. Not the comedy the previews make it look like, but a wonderful film. Classic Cage–a la Raising Arizona. Troubled philosophical narrator.

So there we are (me and some neighbors) sitting in a suburban movie theater and on the screen suddenly a guy I know. I am not a movie talker, but I said, “Oh my god, I know him. He goes to my shul.” It was wild–to everyone else he’s Archery Coach, but to me he (and his fiance) is a good friend and a baker of great Pecan Pies. Congrats Peter!

And double congrats for not being a name dropping person. Not once since I’ve known him have I ever heard him say, “Oh, well I was in a MOVIE.” or anything like that. Just very humble, “Well, we’re actors and writers.”

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