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Why Craigslist, why?

An Open Letter to Craig,

Okay, not really an open letter to Craig. Craig is a nice guy who can’t control the general fact that men don’t really want to meet women from ads. And he can’t control my schedule, making me suddenly available to go on the dates I swore I would when I posted my last ad. He also can’t control things like this ad, I’ll just share a couple lines…

“1. i’m wicked smart but not aragant, in fact just the opposit 2. i’m a nice guy; i’ll call you when i say i will and ill open the door for you when we go out 2. i’ve got a great sense of humor, if you like dry sarcasism. if you don’t, then…well, i guess i’m not very funny 3. i have big plans for my life and you’re not going to stop me from achieving them “

If you are wicked smart, learn how to spell and number a list. I’m pretty smart, but spellcheck doesn’t work on this blog editor. I also rarely claim to be smart and am aware of my inability to spell certain words. But maybe check the spelling of “aragant” and “opposit”

And maybe don’t be so bitter in your ad to find a romantic partner? I have big plans for my life and you’re not going to stop me. Wow. Divorce much? Bitter much?

It is ads like this that make me realize why I’m single and why that isn’t always a bad thing. Besides, if I wasn’t single, I might not have bought this condo and might not have become (drumroll please) the SECRETARY of the Board. Give it up for not being the president!

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