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Why isnt Chicago the 6th Burrough of NYC?

I rarely wish I lived in New York City. Rarely. Today is one of those days when I really do wish that Chicago was the 6th Burrough of NYC, cause then I could go to an event that I had a small hand in organizing.

Remember in December when I went to New York for a day? Remember how I work at Edelman PR? I got to spend the last few months working with The Jewish Museum. It’s an art museum that uses a Jewish lense, not a museum of Jewish artifacts. (Although there is quite an exhibit of artifacts, but this is the place that had that great Jewish Comic Book exhibition last year.)

Anywho, the Jewish Museum decided it was time to turn an eye towards blogs and they called us in to help. We talked about how to find blogs, how to make blog reading into a daily habit and that yes, really, you can comment on a post about the Museum. The culmination, which is really just the beginning, is a reception tonight that includes a tour with the museum director for NY bloggers.

We invited bloggers from the Jewish world and from the NY Art world, but other openings and events meant that primarily Jewish bloggers are coming. Why do I think this is super cool? As a JBlogger (and part of the growing young Jewish leadership scene) I am always trying to figure out, “Do we work from within established intitutions or do we start our own?”

Here is an established institution, the Jewish Museum, saying that it is time to start getting to know local bloggers. And the bloggers who are able to attend get a private tour with the museum’s director. I’m terribly envious, but other committments and a very long to-do list have kept me in Chicago tonight.

It means that I’m gonna have to wait until ROI120 to meet Esther in person, cause of course she’s going. As are Drew Kaplan and Ariel Beery. There is Jon Robbins who did some blogging for the museum this winter. Representing Jewschool are Sarah and Mobius (if his jetlag isn’t too bad, welcome back Dan!) and there are even a couple folks coming over from the Israeli Consulate General–home of Isrealli!

A lot of fine bloggers had conflicts and couldn’t attend, but I feel like this is the start of beautiful friendship. Now if only I could the institutions in Chicago to understand that bloggers are people too.

(If you missed it. I work at Edelman. The Jewish Museum has been an Edelman client that I have worked on. I got permission to write this post, but wasn’t asked to write this post. I’m very proud of the work I’ve done with the Jewish Museum and am very excited to see them start including bloggers in events and communications. Building relationships, people, that’s what this blogging thing is about.)

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