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Will you look a little closer at that comment!

I am sitting at my computer feeling a little star struck. Well, star struck in a low key-underground-agitator-activist sort of way.

Craig left a comment on my blog. Craig as in craigslist–the free website devoted to community interaction and the place to go for cheap furniture and social commentaries written by other regular people. I read Craig’s blog, but he is the founder of a webpage I check almost everyday. Even though I’m not in Chicago right now, I still read the personals on and of course on

As I told Craig in my email back to him, it would be like if the good people at Neighborhoodies left a comment. Or Ben Cohen, from True Majority (and Ben & Jerry’s). I mean, no offense to Craig, but he has a certain level of celebrity with those “in the know.” But those in the know who know who Craig is and what craigslist is, aren’t the same people who designate celebrity in our culture.

Anyway, the whole point is…

Craig Newmark left a comment on my blog. Now I know who one more occasional reader is and I can account for one more daily statistic.


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