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Winter Coat Shopping

On my way to Feilene’s Basement, I ran into to former co-workers. We chatted about the struggles of shopping for a winter coat. It was a must have, but something I rarely think about. The last three winters, I had a light blue pea-coat. It was great. Warm, big pockets, and not black or tan. The last thing I want in a winter coat is to mix in with the rest of the world. All of chicago goes black in the winter and that ain’t for me.

This was my second attempt to buy a coat. Why is it so damn hard? The last time, I went with a few shopping bags already, plus a coat and a purse. So every time I shifted racks, I had to move a pile of stuff. My coat, bag, bag, purse. Coat, bag, bag, purse. Trying on things. Deciding if they would fit over a sweater at all.

I got overwhelmed by the choices and left coatless.

Today I was on a mission, cause it is supposed to snow tomorrow night. I best have a winter coat. So I went sans coat, sans bags. A Mission. I worked my way around Feilene’s (I can’t spell it, sorry.) Trying on every non-black coat. I settled on a red coat. It has a nice shape, it is wool, mid thigh in length.

Then I went to Nordstrom’s and H&M, ready to turn my red coat in for something better. But impulse paid off today, nothing else was better or more seductive to me than what I already had. There were, however, baby clothes to buy, sweaters for myself, and books. Always books.

While the coat only took minutes, I came back with an empty checking account and arms full of heavy winter purchases. Now, where is my new copy of Cosmo? Today is one of those girly girl days.

(Oh yeah, I also got He’s just not that into you. The new new IT dating self help book.)

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