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Without a door, my bathroom is quite bright.

Today my bathroom door is in the living room, along with the shower curtain, my towels and my hair gel. Why? It is finally time to replace the pipe in my ceiling. Remember that pipe that carries hot water from the boiler to the rest of the building? Yeah that one. The one I hate so much that I swore that my next home would be water free.

But the project has had some, um, hiccups.

First our plumber was in a car accident. Then the building took five hours to drain instead of one. Then there were some electrical cords where they shoudln’t be and a gas pipe where it shouldn’t have been. And a fuse that went BOOM in the middle of cutting a hole into my ceiling.

So instead of coming home to a shiny new pipe, I got home mid project. All unavoidable mini-catastrophes. In the end, I will have a shiny new pipe. I can say that now that I’ve seen the inside of my pipes, I’ll be buying a Brita filter. I realize that I’ve been putting it off and putting it off. Saying to myself, “Chicago water is fine.”

Well, yeah. Chicago water is fine, but the pipes in my building sure aren’t. And while I also know that I don’t drink hot water, I shower in it. So I’d also like a Brita shower filter and a toothbrushing filter and a dishwasher filter.

That is, until I move to my new water free home in the future.

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