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Worms make me feel popular.

I have to admit it.

I like worms. I like the mountains of email that I get from new and exciting people. People who have me in their address book, when I have never met them. People who want to share the worm with me, so that the little outlook web access things pops up in the corner–over and over and over. You have new mail. You have new mail. You are popular. You have new mail.

I think it is definitely Bill Gates’ fault this time. Don’t get up in front of the world and say that you will eradicate worms and spam in two calendar years. Don’t do it. That is like getting up in front of a drumline and telling them to stand still and not rat-a-tat-tat on their drums. It is too tempting.

So thanks Bill, for making sure to get this worm started and infect us all over the world.

Danke. Gracias. Grazie.

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