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WW Check in, Gym Review, New York Times

I’ve been doing better at WW this week. It helps that it isn’t TOM anymore and that nothing terribly stressful is going on. Work is flowing along nicely and I’m sort of okay at staying away from the treats. Last night I made butternut squash, but it didn’t sit too well in the ol’ stomach.

I’ve gone to the gym the last three nights in a row–my upstairs neighbors are also members and they keep me motivated. Every evening I get a call and every night I put on the shoes and go. I want to go, but it so much easier to skip when you are alone. So some eliptical trainer, some ab stuff, some weights.

Today I had a surreal moment while reading the New York Times. The Shop I used to manage got a mention in an article about whether or not shop owners should expect children to behave in cafes, restaurants, retail places. I had a twinge of regret, but then I remembered that I have stability now that I never had there. Every Saturday and ever Sunday off. No nights, no weekends. I’ve recovered my social life and am nearing recovering a romantic life. I’ve had the time to study judaism and observe sabbath and make new friends and make plans ahead of time.

It is just, I imagine, like seeing your ex-boyfriend show up in the New York Times Wedding section. A twinge of, “I could have been that person in the New York Times.” And then remembering why you got out of the picutre.

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