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WW Lingo

WW (Weight watchers) uses a lot of lingo, abbreviations, and jargon on the bulletin boards. The one I use here the most is NSV.

NSV is Non Scale Victory. While we all recognize the scaled dropping another pound is a victory, we also recognize the Non Scale Victory.

For example–the first time someone notices you are losing weight, the time you climb the stairs to the brown line without getting winded, the time you get hit on at a bar by two different men, the time your pants fall off because they are too damn big, the time you replace those pants with a new pair 2 sizes smaller, the time someone doesn’t recognize you cause you’ve lost so much weight, the first time you say, “I’ll be find without that chocolate bar” and mean it.

There are a million things–but they are all non-scale victories. Mine lately have been compliments–both from strangers and friends. But also a growing confidence–not just about my body… but my strength, my sexiness, my comedy.

Believe it or not, my biggest fear about losing weight was losing my sense of humor. It didn’t happen. I developed my story telling and sense of humor as a defense mechanism to not being skinny. If I couldn’t be the hot one, I’d be the funny one that people want around. Now I’m feeling sexier than I ever had, but am also doing improv. I find myself slipping into character as I tell stories to people and it feels totally natural. I’m not hiding behind the characters anymore, but feel like I’m stepping into my own skin.

NSVs. Great, great thing.

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