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Yay! Natiiv Arts & Media has a home!

Run, don’t walk, over to the new online home of Natiiv Arts & Media. Built by Idan Gazit of Pixane design, I’m completely in love with my site. I would marry it if I could. He built the site using Django, which will mean something to the programmers out there, and we’re using markdown on the blog instead of a WYSIWYG editor.

Not only is Idan a great designer and programmer, but he is also a sound business consultant. He really helped me think through ways of how Natiiv will function as a company. He’s based in Tel Aviv, but that didn’t hinder our trans-atlantic partnership – we were able to work together via IM, Skype and Basecamp.

The only way I can thank him for building this beautiful site for me is to recommend he build one for you. (And send him baby gifts and money, of course.)

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