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Year of No Decisions draws to a close.

Last year, July 1, 2003, I gave up making major decisions. I was sick and tired of trying to control my destiny, so I decided to stop deciding. It was a good decision.

I said to myself, I’ll give everything a year and see what wins out. Writing, IES, or The Shop. Today it seems that The Shop has played the trump card. Not making decisions made the 2004 fiscal year great. I spent 5 months in London, cranked out a 40 page script for a short movie, got published in a national magazine, and joined The Shop full time. I also painted my apartment and learned macrame.

Okay, I didn’t learn macrame.

This year I’ll have to take the reigns back, I guess. Now that I am full time at The Shop, my responsibilities have grown there. It is time to hone my business skills, it is time to get some business skills. Now that I am nearly out of credit card debt (that last $200 is like the last 10 pounds) it is time to start looking towards buying property. I need to transfer some IRA stuff around and find a local financial advisor. In general, it is time to play catch up with everyone else. Next fourth of July, I would LOVE to be talking home improvement ideas (and whether or not to get the invitations engraved.) I’ll be realistic and focus on buying, improving my retirement portfolio, and helping the company grow responsibly.

Cheers, however, to the year of no decisions. It was a great one.

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