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You should check out this blog…

Of course, of course, you all know that the idea of making aliyah has crossed my mind. (Aliyah is moving to Israel.) Of course it has–as has becoming a Rabbi. But the thing about moving to Israel or going to rabbinical school is, um, leaving Chicago. I happen to love living in Chicago and am very happy here. My family don’t live anywhere near Israel, so the chances of me up and leaving the midwest again are low. (At least for the next five years.)

But, I can imagine what making aliyah would be like and with a new blog I found tonight, I can imagine it even better. John Leonard is a guy from North Carolina who moved to Israel with (I’m assuming his partner) Ya’acov. He’s been there over a year and has blogged every month of it. It is great–some of it is familiar. Replace Jeruselam with “La Plata” or “London” and you’ll read a bit of what my time abroad was like. But then, my moves were never permanent. Go on, check it out.

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